consigning at jane

Consignments are accepted:

  • we are taking a break from accepting consignments for the holidays – see you in the new year!
  • Between 10am & 5pm on Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • By appointment any other day (just email
  • Email about large items

If clothing has been worn, it must be in mint condition, freshly dry cleaned, on a hanger, and have no sign of wear, pulls, stains, wrinkles or odors

Designer accessories must have documentation to command designer level-prices

jane accepts beautiful:

  • women’s designer clothing
  • hardly worn designer shoes
  • designer scarves, belts, ties & accessories
  • vintage or incredible jewelry, cufflinks, handbags & “murses”
  • antiques, vintage furniture & unique home furnishings
  • never used and luxurious towels & fine linens
  • art, sculpture & architectural elements
  • china, crystal & silver
  • princeton ephemera & memorabilia

Please note: jane is only able to accept special occasion and designer childrens and menswear at our discretion. Due to limited space on jane’s sales floor, we are unable to accept any item that does not have an original retail value of $200 or higher.

jane is responsible for all pricing

  • Please tell jane if you know the retail price
  • jane will price most items at 25-50% of the original price depending on brand, style, age, condition, demand and availability
  • jane will have periodic sales and promotions, which will affect the final sale price

jane’s consignment split is:

  • 40% to Consignor for each item sold for less than $250
  • 50% to Consignor for each item sold from $251 to $500
  • 60% to Consignor for each item sold for more than $500

jane’s consignment period is:

  • 30 days

jane reserves the right to refuse any item

Checks over $100 can be available upon request for pick-up on the 15th of each month for items sold the previous month.

Consignors can check the sales on their accounts at anytime on consignor login using their email address as both the log in & password.

authentication policy

we at jane realize that you put your trust in us. to that end we make every effort to insure that all designer merchandise is authentic. despite our most sincere efforts, sometimes “fakes” sneak past even our most critical eyes. any item purchased from jane that is later deemed to be inauthentic may be returned for a full refund.

we are proudly working with autheticate first to verify authenticity of any handbag that is not accompanied by it’s original receipt of purchase. there is a fee for any bag that does not have it’s original paperwork so that we may guarantee the bag at the time of sale.


Items that are unsold and unclaimed at the end of the consignment period become the property of jane and may be donated to a variety of local charities. In some cases, jane may drastically reduce prices on particular items and give a portion of the proceeds to worthy organizations that have no need for in-kind donations. jane would love to hear from you about any charities we should consider. Please email with your suggestions!