jane’s philosophy

jane, the store, was founded in 2009 by Jane Henderson Kenyon and her daughter, Isabelle
Taylor Kenyon. The idea of the store was born from the phrase – reuse, rethink, and revitalize:

to reuse what others no longer need
to rethink what we already have
to revitalize these things and, in doing so, our lives

On their travels together around the world, from concept stores in Shanghai, China, to antique
barns in Lexington, Virginia, they became inspired by the idea of bringing the incredible things
they found in these places back home. Eventually they ran out of space to keep their treasures,
from clothing and accessories with tags still attached to one-of-a-kind furniture and art. They
began to reevaluate what they had collected.

After searching for an outlet to share what they were beginning to take for granted, they decided
to create their own store. And jane was born!

jane’s philosophy is simple: to inspire the community to reuse, rethink and revitalize as a local
marketplace for buying and selling beautiful and unique goods. jane stocks a curated collection of
“green merchandise” – made locally or from repurposed materials and jane supports local artists
and designers through frequent exhibitions and trunkshows. please check out our events for more
information about upcoming sales.

As we look toward creating a sustainable future, jane is excited to inspire Princeton
to experience how easy it is to reuse, rethink, and revitalize.

Jane and Isabelle

Jane and Isabelle are both Princeton natives. Jane works with her family at Callaway Henderson
Sotheby’s International Realty. Isabelle works with startups in New York and has also consulted for startups in Nairobi, London & Hong Kong.